Services Offered by ILS Hospitals in The 2nd Wave of Covid-19

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Covid-19 pandemic is one of the worst known crises to mankind wherein every day is tantamount to the survival of the fittest and a ruthless struggle for existence. The second wave of the pandemic has hit India affecting both the subaltern as well the elites. For the first time in Eastern India, ILS Hospitals has collaborated with Dozee to facilitate contactless monitoring of asymptomatic Covid patients. Dozee plays an integral role by offering remote and contactless health monitoring through tracking respiration, heart rate, oxygen saturation levels, stress levels on a daily basis and is helping doctors remotely check on patients’ progress. The AI-powered system is also helping in flagging off health deteriorations well in advance. Doctors & Nurses can monitor the patient’s health 24x7 on the Dozee App or using Dozee’s Patient Monitoring Dashboard. Remote patient monitoring is reducing medical professionals’ exposure to infection and their workload. Dozee has also been backed by reputed companies like Qualcomm and the Department of Biotechnology - Government of India, BIRAC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for product development and acceleration. Dozee uses Ballistocardiography as the underlying technology where a thin sensor sheet is placed below the mattress (any mattress up to 18 inches) of the user to capture the data on micro-vibrations in the human body. This data of micro-vibration is further analyzed using advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to create health data about the user. Debasish Dhar, Group Vice President, ILS Hospitals said that in addition to Dozee, ILS Hospitals is providing Covid packages for treatment of Covid positive patients under the ILS-Care programme. Their Basic Care package starts at only Rs 6500 for 14 days which includes daily video monitoring by nurses, daily video consultation with a dietician and video consultation with doctors twice. The Complete Care package is priced at Rs 12500 that includes continuous health monitoring using dozee, daily video monitoring by trained nurses, video consultation with doctors four times and daily video consultation with a dietician. The package also provides gloves, sanitizer, digital thermometer, 3-ply masks and N-95 masks. By innovation and smart application of technology, ILS is aiming to serve the masses from a distance via virtual mode, in order to contain the spread of the virus and march towards a brighter and better tomorrow.

Report : Anustup Kundu