Shoppers Stop launches a film for the homecoming of Maa Durga with Shera Sajer Shera Stop

Shera Sajer Shera Stop_edited.png

News Desk, News Nation 360: Every year, the homecoming of Maa Durga is eagerly awaited by all in West Bengal. India’s leading fashion and beauty destination Shoppers Stop rings in the festive season with a heartwarming and emotional story for Durgotsava. Shera Sajer Shera Stop is the story of homecoming, love, and hope. The film features distinguished Bengali actress Swastika Dutta and music by illustrious singer Anupam Roy. The festival witnesses the entire family and neighbourhood joining hands to celebrate and regale the arrival of Maa Durga with her children. This year, Shoppers Stop celebrates the homecoming of every woman #MaaAshcheAbar. The film reflects on the story of a father and daughter and the father’s hope of celebrating the festival with his daughter by his side. The time a father spends with his daughter is priceless and as everyone moves on, all one can do is reminisce and hold on to that moment. In this film, the father ponders on the little things he, and his daughter would do together during the festival and radiantly smiles only to be woken up by a phone call from his daughter telling him she’s coming home. This festive season, whether you want to visit the store or shop online, Shoppers Stop has got you covered. 

Report : Anustup Kundu