Specialized Media Courses Crafted for Excellence by Adamas University

News Desk, News Nation 360: Adamas University, rated as one of the best private Universities in Eastern India, created an array of new courses in media & communication department to offer the students high-class excellence in career choices. The courses are designed carefully to make it futuristic and skill-oriented to suit the current industry trends. The courses condition the students to become a confident individual creating a significant mark for themselves in the communication and media landscape in India. Through these unique communication courses such as MBA in Communication Management & MBA in Event & Experiential Marketing, students would get to analyses market demands and market dynamics and formulate event plans as per the current world scenario. Learning and implementing new techniques with measurable outcomes would be really effective for the students during their tenure of these courses. An in-depth knowledge would be imparted to the students for better understanding of new-age communication and marketing strategies. Adamas University recognizes the changing paradigms in the world of media and entertainment and hence curated these courses to train each student as future leaders in their own field who would aim to grow at an exponential rate and create a mark in the industry. Prof. Samit Ray, Hon’ble Chancellor, Adamas University said that Adamas University believes in the holistic development of a student by not just keeping them limited to the classroom-based lectures rather giving them hands-on experience in alignment with the industry interface. The new courses are all designed keeping the deep knowledge expertise needed these days for each area of communication. The real purpose of college is not only to deliver quality education but also to help students grow as a person and a leader. Thus, they hope such courses will help their students to pursue their dream careers and make them ready for corporate life. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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