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Sri Sri Anandamoyee Maa is Coming on Aakash Aath

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the most popular regional general entertainment channels, Aakash Aath, announced the new story of Sri Guruveh Namah series, Sri Sri Anandamoyee Maa, to be aired every Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM. Sri Sri Anandamoyee Maa is Directed by Debidas Bhattacharya. The story revolves around Sri Sri Anandamoyee Maa who is the Fifth Daughter of Mokshada Sundari. Her Grand Mother started to praying to Kalighat's Maa Kali that she might come to her house as a Maa Annapurna. On that day, her mother dreamt about Sri Vishnu who is about to come to their house. In a day full of hazards, before Anandamoyee's birth, everything came to a standstill and lights filled that day.

She was born. When she was born, she was named Nirmala. According to Astrologists, When she was born then Mars (Mangal), Jupiter (Brihospoti), Saturn (Sani) and Ravi were in an ascendant position. In this point of time, whoever takes birth is no less powerful than Sri Ram Chandra and Sri Krishna. From childhood, Nirmala's (Maa Anandamoyee) dalliances were coming in front of everyone.  Maa later told that though she was born from her mother's womb, these all were being controlled by God and

Maa Anandamoyee is not less powerful than Jaganmata. She was always staying in her world. She was always involved in her imagination. No one got the original reason for her imagination. Her husband Baba Bholanath got a view of Anadamoyee Ma and Maa Kali together. That's why he cried loudly with MAA MAA... Her discipleship was taken by Madhab Pagla, Paramhansa Yogananda, Netaji Subhash

Subhas Chandra Bose, Kamala Nehru and Indira Gandhi. Later, at the age of 87, consciously, she left this world saying, Hari Narayan. Till date, her disciples can see her as Chinnamasta Kali, Bhuvaneswari, Saraswati or as Karunamoyee. This will be aired from 26th August 2019.

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu