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​Toyam Sports Limited Signed Suniel Shetty as Brand Ambassador


News Desk, News Nation 360 : After the massive success of the first season of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) based India’s first sports reality web series, “Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt” with Suniel Shetty as its host, Toyam Sports Limited (TSL) has announced that the charismatic actor and sports enthusiast will also be their brand ambassador. The collaboration with Suniel Shetty is for three years and is a significant move for the brand. Building a synergy between sports and entertainment, this association aims to leverage Shetty’s popularity and his love for sports to connect with audiences in India and abroad. Headquartered in Mumbai, TSL is a publicly listed company engaged in various sports production, promotion, and management. Suniel Shetty will also continue as the host of “Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt season 2” and will be a part of campaigns as a brand ambassador for “Kumite 1 Asian Championship”, and will also be the face of all their upcoming cricket leagues, domestic and international. Run passionately by sports enthusiasts, TSL will play a leading role in bringing about a paradigm shift in the sports industry in India. TSL aims to

revolutionise the world of sports by elevating the sporting spirit by nurturing and empowering athletes at the grassroots level to generate opportunities for talent and be a global sporting powerhouse. They have been at the forefront of promoting niche sports like Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) along with cricket, tennis, and many other sports to make them popular both domestically and globally.  

Pic : Courtesy

Report : Anustup Kundu

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