Center Fresh Partnered with MTV India to Celebrate Fresh Breath Day

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : Center fresh, India’s leading Gum & mint brand, has been synonymous with ‘freshness’ at its core for almost three decades. The brand’s communication has brought alive relatable, contextual snippets around fresh breath confidence over the years. The brand invites everyone to reflect on the power of a ’fresh approach’ as a pivot to its core cue of freshness. From donating food and masks, helping migrant workers, to young doctors educating brave healthcare professionals with workshops and verifying leads for oxygen cylinder availability to hospital beds through social media, this RAP song video showcases all the real-life instances from the second wave of COVID-19. According to MTV Insight Studio Survey 2021, a whopping 61% of people aided home quarantined people by offering essentials.  With compelling lyrics like “Social media pe amplify Kiya, hand in hand saath stand and fight Kiya”, the composition perfectly captures the youth of the country as “Naya Hindustan,  

Taazi Soch waala”. In essence, these instances witnessed the potency of the younger generation when they rise and come together for a cause or belief. The sensitivity, fresh thinking and approach of young minds are a testament to how they’ve braved through the life-altering second wave of the pandemic. This ‘never-say-never and fresh spirit have been vividly expressed by ace rapper Krsna in the track, “Taazi Saans, Taazi Soch” and endorsed by Center fresh. Speaking about Center fresh’s Collaboration with MTV, Rohit Kapoor – Director Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India said that Center fresh has always kept freshness at the centre of its core philosophy. With this initiative, they wanted to spotlight the power of a fresh perspective within the fold of their communication. The younger generation has always been their core TG and they have continued to draw upon instances from their life in their brand assets. This year, they decided to salute the resolve, dedication and fresh perspective that the country’s youth demonstrated during the second wave. The partnership with MTV was an obvious one given the platform’s strong youth consumer base and Krsna’s lyrics and rendition have helped tie this tribute with the brand’s philosophy in a seamless manner. As one of the country’s leading youth brands, Center fresh’s latest initiative recognizes the youth of today as passionate beacons of change through their fresh approach & formidable voices. The brand announces its collaboration with MTV India, the country’s leading youth music channel, to release a special track “Taazi Saans, Taazi Soch” dedicated to the young and spirited voices across India in the context of the ongoing health care issues across the country.

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Report : Anustup Kundu