Two Short Films were Screened in Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : December is the movie festival for cinema lovers. On the one hand, the joy of Christmas is on the other, the celebration of new movies. Just like this, the screening of Bengali short film The Psychiatrist directed by Ashish Basak was completed in Kolkata and the Bengali short film Kalachakra directed by Anup Samadar. Actor Debika Mukherjee, actor Palash Ganguly, actor Varun Chakraborty, Mrs

Woman of the Universe's 2nd Runners Up Apsara Guhathakurta, writer Padmini Dutta Sharma, actor Sohail Dutta and Narayan Roy were present at the function in Kolkata. Here is a short story of The Psychiatrist directed by Ashish Basak. Loneliness is the nest in the lives as everyone is progressing in the modern age. And one time this loneliness is brought on by a disease called Hikikomori. Just like in this story there is a girl named Jojo, the victim of Hikikomori. Jojo finds a psychiatrist to get rid of the disease. But will Jojo be released from the psychiatrist's hand? Or will Jojo be lost? Jayashree Khara, Ridhima Chatterjee, Bobby Mondal, Ashok Mondal played important roles in the film. Also present are Farooq Malik, Shreya Chatterjee, Ashish Basak. This story and script were written by Jayashree Khara. Produced by Bobby Mandal. On the other hand, the short story of Kalachakra directed by Anup Samadar is - In memory life, it is impossible to explain what time is most important to a human being in the past, present and future. In the meantime, if one ever gets trapped in a prediction of a predestination paradox. How will life be then? That is how the prediction of predetermined cycles falls into the blue. She is wondering what is happening to her? At the same time, the people close to him were trapped in this circle. Meanwhile, everyone is aware of this cycle except blue. Will Neil ever find himself and the people closest to him in this cycle? Or will they be imprisoned in the cycle of time? Hritojeet Chattopadhyay, Jayashree Khara played the lead role in this thrilling film dedicated to Bengali short film Kalachakra Emanomania Motion Pictures directed by Anup Samaddar. Also starring Bobby Mondal, Shreya Chakraborty. The story is written by Jayashree Khara and the film is produced by Bobby Mondal. Greetings were given to the guests on the occasion. The screening of the film was attended by prominent people of all sections of the society. Along with the extraordinary stories, Jayashree's great acting skills have caught everyone's mind. Apart from Jayashree, the performances of other talented actors in the film are also remarkable. The director's observation of this story is very commendable. Producer Bobby Mondal said that her production house offers no talent to newcomers, but only to the talent of newcomers through their acting skills.

Pic : Krishnendu Kundu

Report : Anustup Kundu


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