Undaunted Unlock 1.0 : CMRI Hospital

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The virus has created an eerie sense amongst the people. But, the eerie cannot be carried till the ‘cows come home’. Now that the lockdown has been removed people should come out of their cocoon of fear and get themselves the medical attention they have been requiring for a while now. The elective surgeries that have been put on hold have been resumed at CMRI hospital. According to Dr Rakesh Rajput, HOD & Director Department of Orthopaedics CMRI Hospital, Patients should not hesitate to visit them anymore. Now that all the facilities have been availed to almost every part of the city except for the containment zones. They would like to encourage all those in need of medical consultation to visit them. They are open to patients at the containment zones as well and are extending help from out end in all possible ways. They are working day-in and out for patients’ well-being and betterment. They’ve been treating non-COVID patients at par with the COVID patients because no medical condition is of less importance to them. The elective surgeries were resumed as soon as the lockdown ended and were taken care at the earliest. They’ve been making updates on their patient’s health condition even after they have been discharged. Regular check-ups are also offered through online consultations post-surgeries for convenience if physical presence is not necessary. The health conditions such as co-morbidities that are not being taken care at first hand are leading to further complications. These complications have a direct effect on the immune system of the patient, which can potentially make the individual prey to Covid-19. To avoid such possibilities, it is a sincere request to everyone out there to come to the hospital premises to build a healthier society and help them fight the pandemic with a brave front. Calcutta Medical Research Institute is a Multi-specialty hospital where they deal with almost every kind of medical issues. The doctor has to assess the patient’s medical history and then further examination is done accordingly. The hospital has been taking all the necessary preventive measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The patients should have nothing to worry about when it comes to getting infected by the virus as they’ve been extra careful. They are all well in the practice of the ‘New Normal’ wherein starting from the screening until the segregation of COVID and Non-COVID patients are done gingerly.

Report : Anustup Kundu


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