UNICEF Turned 70 in India

News Desk, News Nation 360 : United Nations International Children's and Emergency Fund a.k.a UNICEF turned 70 in India on 11th December 2019. The Day 11th December is celebrated as UNICEF Day Worldwide. This year, it is even more special as they turn into 70 years of progress for children in India. The event was formally flagged off by Hon'ble Minister of State, Dr Shashi Panja, President of Nicco Park and Resorts Limited, Rajesh Raisinghani and Chief of UNICEF office for West Bengal, Mohmmad Mohiuddin. The event was attended by 150 girls of Sukanya Home. Chief of UNICEF, Mohammad Mohiuddin said that UNICEF has been working closely with the Government, Police, Judiciary, Communities and Children to create more awareness, creating child-friendly courts. The state is now rolling out a school safety programme to ensure that children are safe not only in schools but also on their way to school. Communities, Parents and Children are coming together to prevent and report more actively. UNICEF and the Government cannot do this alone. They need everyone's support - parents, teachers, children, media to join in the movement and add your voice, support and take a stand for children. Talk to children, teach them to say no, report immediately to CHILDLINE at 1098 or to the Child Welfare Police Officer of the nearest police station in case of any incident. Even if you hear or see any form of violence in the neighbourhood, community or on the streets, raise your voice, intervene, stand by the children so that they knew that they are not alone. For the chldren, it was not a usual day. While they were enjoying the joyrides and playing in the Nicco Park ground, busking in the winter sun, UNICEF is  hoping and dreaming of a day when every child will have a safe childhood an a future full of promises and enless possibilities.

Report : Anustup Kundu


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