WICCI West Bengal Arts Council Empowers Women Art Community of West Bengal

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To empower the women art community WICCI West Bengal Arts Council has taken an endeavour to support the women art community of West Bengal amidst the pandemic situation. With its commitment to preserve and promote local culture, heritage and artwork of the state, West Bengal Arts Leadership Council have initiated a few projects for next three months to support the local

women art community amidst this unprecedented time. This project aims to make a sustainable support system for the communities, especially as this pandemic has hit badly. These projects will spark curiosity, interest and community engagement throughout the state. This initiative will support the artisans and elevates the importance of local arts amongst the community. The team members of the West Bengal Arts Council of WICCI will lead the projects, which are focusing on different heritage aspects of Bengal. These projects are designed to train and counsel the women artists, and also to showcase the artwork of the community to the general people. They aspire to empower the women artist community, who had a rough run due to the pandemic. One of the projects will specifically focus on the promotion of the Artwork of Kumartuli Artists. The artwork of the women community of

Kumartuli will be showcased in the outlet of a brand partner to boost up sales of these products amid the ongoing pandemic. In addition to this, there will be two long-term projects that will include the grooming and training of artists to sharpen their marketing skills to survive in the competitive market. Another project will be in collaboration with the Baul community of West Bengal, which intends to help in highlighting the artistry of female Baul singers of Bengal. The other project includes the community that works with Patachitrakatha. WICCI has taken up all these initiatives to help the women artists by lending them productive opportunities of earning during uncertain times. Paromita Ghosh,State Vice President, West Bengal Arts Leadership Council, has said that they aspire to bring the women artists at forefront and supports them during the time of COVID through these projects. They believe that these projects will prove to be a sustainable support for the local woman artisans.

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Report : Anustup Kundu

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