Busting the most ridiculous yet widespread myths around COVID-19

News Desk, News Nation 360: The suggestions are endless. Everyone seems to have a point of view and some mind-blowing theories to back their rendition of facts, around the topic. Flipkart Video’s interactive show ‘Fake or Not?’ is an entertaining take on debunking fake content around COVID-19. In support of the United Nations’ Verified campaign, the show aims to curb the spread of fake information and encourages people to take a moment to reflect, before hitting the share button. In a sassy new avatar as news anchor Mythika Dutt on the show, celebrity host Mallika Dua tickles the funny bone, by bringing to fore her signature humour and satire to bust myths and fake news around COVID-19. Providing some much-needed comic relief to an otherwise disheartening subject, she urges viewers to desist from having blind faith in the information they receive, use some rational thinking, and to verify facts before forwarding messages. Some of the most irrational myths and fake news Mythika Dutt has quelled on the show are (1) COVID-19 can be transmitted through mosquito bites? Ans - This is absolutely fake. Research suggests that the infection passes on from person-to-person via droplets from the nose or mouth that spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales. While any reason to protect ourselves from the pesky mosquitoes is a good reason, let’s spare the insect this added blame. (2) Spraying alcohol or chlorine on your body kills COVID-19? Ans - Fake, alcohol-based sanitizers are proven to be useful in curbing the spread of COVID-19, spraying alcohol or chlorine on one’s self does not reduce the potency of

the virus. (3) Continuous use of sanitiser can cause skin cancer? Ans - Fake. According to research reports, the use of sanitizers with 70% of alcohol content are best suited in battling the virus and are not harmful to the skin. (4) Pneumonia vaccine can protect you from COVID-19? Ans - Fake. Although there are some common symptoms between pneumonia and COVID-19, it is not true that the Pneumonia vaccine can protect you from COVID-19. The world is still striving to find an effective vaccine for COVID. (5) Rinsing the nose with saline prevents COVID-19 infection? Ans - Doctors and medical professionals around the globe have advised us to constantly wash our hands and reduce the number of times we touch our face. However, the notion that rinsing your nose with saline will prevent COVID-19 infection is Fake and is not supported by any research. (6) Eating garlic can protect you from COVID-19? Ans - Fake. Yes, there are certain vegetables and fruits that are said to help build one's immunity and increase the chances of our body fighting infections naturally. As proven by research, garlic helps the human body build immunity but unfortunately cannot protect you from contracting the virus. (7) Do COVID-19 Swab tests damage the blood-brain barrier? Ans - The swab test for COVID-19 involves one using an earbud and touching it to the back of the throat to get a sample of the saliva. The news that this test damages the blood-brain barrier is not just Fake but also not possible. (8) WHO accepts home remedy cure for COVID-19? Ans - The World Health Organisation works tirelessly round the clock to help the world battle this global pandemic and come up with a cure and WHO accepting home remedies as a cure for COVID-19 is nothing but fake news. (9) Drinking alcohol will protect you from COVID-19 infection? Ans - Fake. Many people believe that alcohol kills viruses due to its antibacterial properties and the proven usefulness of alcohol-based sanitizers in battling the spread of COVID-19. The oral consumption of alcohol will, however, not protect you from being infected. They just cannot sanitize your insides. (10) WHO claims that asymptomatic patients cannot spread COVID-19? Ans - While the media has been engulfed with information around asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, the news about WHO claiming that asymptomatic patients cannot spread the virus is completely Fake. In fact, it is the absolute opposite. A simple way of battling myths and fake news like the ones above is to tune into ‘Fake or Not?’ on the Flipkart app and not just educate, but also entertain yourself. The show reinforces Flipkart Video’s commitment to bring the most relevant and innovative content to users in India through their consumer-first approach combined with best in class technology. To watch the show and win daily prizes, head over to the Flipkart App, click on the Video button at the bottom right of the screen and click on Fake or Not?. 

Report : Anustup Kundu

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