Launch of Words-Sounds-Images by Amit Khanna

News Desk, News Nation 360: Ambitious and encyclopaedic in scope, Words-Sounds-Images is a pioneering book that presents an exhaustive account of the evolution of media and entertainment in India – from the Indus Valley Civilization right up to the twenty-first century. Amit Khanna is a lifelong media professional with diverse experience as a film producer, director, lyricist and in various roles in the field of entertainment – brings his unique perspective to bear on the subject and makes this a lively, engaging read. Presented here are topics such as forms of entertainment during the Harappan and Vedic times, including details from the Natya Shastra,  the  early  folk  traditions,  the  genesis  of  classical dance

forms, developments through the ages, including the Mughal period, the southern kingdoms, the northeast and under the Marathas and the British. It takes a decade wise look after independence at the evolution of print media, Cinema, Music, Television, Dance, Theatre and Radio. The Book Words-Sounds-Images is a must-read a book for students and practitioners of media and entertainment and their lay consumers.

Pic: Krishnendu Kundu

Report: Anustup Kundu

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