Tinder Reveals the Top 10 Most Used Emojis in Tinder Bios In Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360: In celebration of World Emoji Day, Tinder pulled the top 10 emojis used in bios by members in Kolkata and yes the Face Mask Emoji has made the list. Especially in a time where social distancing has us online longer and finding creative ways to stay connected. The heart emoji slides into the number one position and could be a great way to convey warmth and emotions through your bio. Kolkata members seem to be using Emojis to communicate aspects of their personality and interests and it appears members gravitate towards some emojis more than others for self-expression. Dr Sonali Gupta, a leading psychologist believes that an Emoji is a reflection of how language is evolving and the growth of visual communication in today's world and told

Gen Z prefers using emojis, as it becomes a tool to add substance to their narratives and allows them to provide a context in communication. It is no wonder that Emojis find their space even in a Tinder bio where they may become a simple reflection of today's visual culture, bringing ease and a starting point for conversations. This ease is often perceived positively as someone being approachable or friendly across context.

Report : Anustup Kundu

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