This World Heart Day BM Birla Upheld Clinical Excellence

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News Desk, News Nation 360 : BM Birla Heart Research Centre conducted an interactive session on World Heart Day highlighting clinical excellence and nuances in the treatment of cardiology in the post covid time. This session was graced by eminent Cardiologists like Dr Anil Mishra, Dr Anjan Siotia, Dr Ashok B Malpani, Dr Dhiman Kahali, Dr Tarun Praharaj, Dr Shuvo Dutta, Dr Subhendu Mandal, Dr Sabyasachi Pal and Cardiac Surgeons like Dr Manoj Daga and Dr Ratan Das. They shared their opinion about the need to raise the awareness of maintaining a healthy heart. This event also dealt with experiences of patients from states like Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Maharashtra and Karnataka who underwent complicated cardiac procedures right amid the pandemic at BMB. Along with the success stories of patient recoveries, the doctors shared a glimpse of the unmatched clinical excellence and dedicated health workers of BMB in the new normal scenario which added a vibrant feeling of hope to the session. This centre is now the most preferred destination of the east in cardiac care. Age has become just a number in front of the surging cases

of heart ailments all around the world. Heart ailments are not restricted to any certain age group or condition nowadays. Amidst this pandemic scenario, they are observing many cases of shortness of breath, increased or decreased heart rate, palpitation and angina which lead to fear and anxiety. There are severe problems like heart attack, thrombosis, blood clot formation, Myocarditis etc. which can be fatal if not treated immediately. With outstanding clinical expertise and state of art infrastructure at BM Birla Heart Research Centre, complex cardiac cases witnessed excellent clinical outcomes. BM Birla Heart Research Centre continued to admit and manage difficult cardiac patients of all stages during the pandemic providing excellent clinical outcomes. On the occasion of World Heart Day, Dr Simmardeep Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals emphasizes the importance of taking care of the heart. He said that during the last one and a half years, most of the hospitals including their super speciality Cardiac Centre were thronged with cardiac patients. One of the reasons behind this surge was the sceptical attitude of society towards their routine checkup. For a while, people neglected their cardiac health as they had an imperative fear of Covid. Through this medium, he wants to urge all to go back to the preventive cardiac check-up routines. If there is any sort of intervention required, one must get it done on time before it becomes a grave cardiac issue.

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Report : Anustup Kundu