The State of the World’s Children 2019 Report by UNICEF

News Desk, News Nation 360: The State of the World’s Children Report 2019, a flagship report of UNICEF released on 1st November 2019 at Kolkata. Dr Shashi Panja, Minister of State, Women and Child Development and Social  Welfare was present to release the report. This year the focus of the SOWC report was on Children, Food and Nutrition, given the importance of healthy diets, especially among children and young people. The report said that poor diets wear damaging children’s health and that poverty, urbanization, climate change and poor eating choices driving unhealthy diets. On this occasion, Minister Dr Shashi Panja told, while there has progressed in a reduction in malnutrition, overweight and obesity is increasingly becoming a growing threat of non-communicable diseases like diabetes in school-aged children and adolescents. The way we understand and respond to malnutrition needs to change. It is not just about getting children enough to eat, it is above all getting them the right food to eat. That is our common challenge today. The good news is, our already has the programmes and schemes in place that provide the necessary package of both nutrition-specific and sensitive interventions. The State Government of West Bengal and UNICEF are working together to implement the five-step agenda. Empowering families, children and young people to demand nutritious food, including by improving nutrition education. Driving food suppliers to do the right thing for children, by incentivizing the provision of healthy, convenient and affordable foods.

Building healthy food environments for children end adolescents by using proven approaches, such as accurate and easy-to-understand labelling and stronger controls on the marketing of unhealthy foods. Collecting, analyzing and using good-quality data and evidence to guide action and track progress. Strengthening collaboration with nutrition and agricultural institutions and academia, civil society organization, pediatricians, corporates and others. 

Pic: Krishnendu Kundu

Report: Anustup Kundu


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