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A Kids Carnival Event Organised Especially for 400 Underprivileged Children by Young Indians (Masoom Vertical)

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Young Indians under the direction of Masoom Vertical organised a delightful funfair at Chitrakoot building lawns for 400 impoverished children on a bright Sunday morning. The event, which was organised by Chair Manjari Damani and Co-Chair Moulishree Damani, was meant to uplift and educate young people. Beyond the happy times, the occasion served a very important purpose. Important subjects like safe and unsafe touch, climate change,

road safety, and mental health were brought to the attention of young minds. Through thoughtfully chosen events, the funfair transformed into a vehicle for empowerment and awareness among participants while disguising itself as a fun event. A variety of interesting activities took place as the celebration progressed. The kids laughed on the trampoline, got excited on the tumble tosser, and were taken to a magical world by the engaging puppet show. Zumba classes promoted a healthy lifestyle in addition to infusing energy. An additional layer of joy was added by the addition of a slide and the "can the can" game. For these worthy kids, the funfair turned into a compassionate light that taught them priceless lessons and gave them unforgettable memories.

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