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A Society Free of Drugs is the Goal of the Protisruti Foundation

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The state celebrated International Anti-Drug Day, as it does every year, to create a society free of drugs. The CID Bhavani Bhavan Narcotics Cell, in collaboration with the Bidhannagar City Police, organised the celebration of Anti-Narcotics Day on this occasion. Kids from different Nesha Mukti Centers and educational institutions, such as the Promise for Anti-Drug. The Protisruti Foundation's secretary, Suman Dutt, admitted that he was once a drug addict. He later founded this Nesha Mukti Centre piece by piece. Numerous individuals have already received treatment there, been rehabilitated, and have rejoined society. Maintaining that, to create a society devoid of drugs is its primary aim. "No drugs in the mouth when I call you mother" is their motto this year, he explained.

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