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Aakash Aath to Broadcast their New Bengali Serial Swayamsidha

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Aakash Aath, one of the most popular General Entertainment Channels, is presenting Manilal Bbandopadhyay's story Swayamsidha. This serial is directed by Aninda Sarkar, the screenplay is written by Shouvik Mitra and the dialogue is written by Rakesh Ghosh. Swayamsidha is based on a woman named Chandi. When Chandi was a little child, she was forced to flee her village and live with her grandfather to protest injustice. The grandfather of Chandi fought for freedom. Chandi received her education from her grandfather as a child. Chandi is a superb student who also excels in wrestling. Chandi fought alongside her grandfather in the struggle against the British. She went back to the village after her grandfather was shot by the British. The villagers helped Chandi whenever she was in danger.

She is also fighting for girls' education. Chandi demonstrated against the intention of the missionaries to replace Bengali schools with missionary ones. The villages were enthralled with Chandi's courage. Zamindar Harinarayan was eager to wed Chandi to his son upon hearing this news. Chandi places a requirement on Harinarayan: he must start a school for girls in the village before Chandi will marry his son. Harinarayan concurs. On the day of the wedding, Harinarayan's son is seen as childish.

His age has increased, but his intelligence has not. The simplicity in Gobinda’s eyes pleased Chandi. When Chandi visits his in-laws after marriage, she discovers that Gobinda has become insane because his brother Nibaran and stepmother Madhuri have made him addicted to opium. Harinarayan never showed any affection for Gobinda since he believed he was to blame for the passing of Gobinda's mother, his first wife. Will Chandi be able to fight against all the injustices and restore her husband's life to normal? This serial features several well-known actors, including Ashni Das as Chandi, Bishwabasu Biswas as Gobinda, Koushik Das as Nibaran, Shreyasi Samanta as Madhuri, Debnath Chattopadhyay as Harinarayan, Pinki Banerjee as Sarala, and Babu Dutta Ray as Chandi's grandfather. Starting on January 15, 2024, Aakash Aath will telecast the show every Monday through Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

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