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Aakash Aath Will Present Week-Long Ilish Special Episodes in Radhuni

News Desk, News Nation 360 : One of the well-known General Entertainment Channels (GEC), Aakash Aath, will broadcast a week-long series of ill-fated special episodes of their well-known cooking show, "Radhuni." One of Bengal's most treasured culinary traditions that ties all Bengalis together is illish. Ten different delectable Illish recipes—Borishali Illish, Kumro Illish Bhuna, Lau Bata Illish, Til Narkel Illish, Pani Khola Illish, Zafrani Illish, Golmorich Illish, Malai Illish, Aam Kasondi Illish Bhapa, and Methi Illish—will be presented to the audience by the Guest Chefs in the Illish Special episodes of Radhuni. The anchors and guest chefs will also be narrating on screen the history and

significance of these unique and mouthwatering Italian varieties. Priyanka Bardia, Director, Aakash Aath stated that 'Radhuni's' Illish Special episodes will be a culinary extravaganza for their viewers. This unique series is a celebration of Bengal's dynamic, inventive, and unquestionably well-known food culture on a global scale. They have always welcomed both young and sophisticated food enthusiasts to this particular show, who are affectionate and ambitious in their exploration and presentation of something new and appealing. They think that watching these Illish Special episodes will continue to be a gastronomically delightful experience for their viewers.

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