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Adalat O Ekti Mei's Holi Special Episode will Air on Aakash Aath

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Holi Special Episode of Adalat O Ekti Mei will be broadcast by Aakash Aath. Konkona Halder, Sagnik, Krishna Kishor, and other actors star in this Sajal Bose-directed serial. Sick of Lord Jolo's tyranny, the region rallies behind Durga in response to Basi Munna's call, with Shyya Fakir and Tharya Mittir leading the charge. Camouflaging in the colours of Holi, everyone chases the three men on Holi day, making it impossible for them to figure out who attacked them. Lord Jolo tries to hide in the excited crowd out of fear, but he is unable to evade Durga's stare long enough to save himself. Every one of them is found and brought to justice by Durga. Aakash Aath is going to air this special episode soon.

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