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Airtel Plans to Continue Leading the Way in Providing the Greatest Experience

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The leading provider of telecom services in India, Bharti Airtel (or "Airtel"), announced today that it has acquired spectrum in important circles. The telecommunications company announced that it has reclaimed spectrum that was set to expire this year, bringing its total spectrum holding in the mid-band across a few select circles to 97 MHz. Bharti Airtel will keep having access to the nation's largest mid-band spectrum pool thanks to this acquisition. The company has invested a total of Rs 6,857 crore to acquire the specified amount of spectrum. Among the aforementioned, Bharti Hexacom Ltd. spent Rs. 1,001 crore to purchase 15 MHz. Gopal Vittal - MD & CEO of Bharti Airtel stated that Airtel keeps carefully acquiring the appropriate amount of spectrum to provide their customers with the greatest experience possible. They have strengthened their mid-band holding and sub-giga hertz in this auction, which will greatly increase their coverage, particularly indoors. The acquisition of Spectrum aligns with the company's declared plan to create a sizable pool of mid-band holdings to provide seamless 4G and 5G services throughout the nation. India has long benefited from Airtel's leadership in bringing innovative technologies to the country. Customers can benefit from improved indoor coverage and faster browsing speeds thanks to the utilisation of the mid-band spectrum.



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