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Ajay Devgn's NY VFXWAALA has Announced A Strategic International Expansion with GBK, Sweden

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Through its offshore subsidiary, Ajay Devgn's multi-award-winning venture, NY VFXWAALA, a well-known Indian visual effects studio, gleefully announces a strategic alliance with the renowned Swedish studio, Goodbye Kansas Studio, with its headquarters located in Stockholm, Sweden. Departing Kansas Studios is proud of its impressive service portfolio, which is expertly woven into TV shows, movies, games, and trailers. Their knowledge includes creature and character design, performance capture, animation, real-time capabilities, 3D face and body scanning, VFX, FX, and CG productions. Goodbye Kansas is a leading visual effects (VFX) studio creating cinematic trailers for major video games (like Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG, and Assassin's Creed Valhalla) and contributing VFX to live-action productions (like True Detective and One Piece) for streamers like HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. They've also worked on commercials and feature films, and their expertise has been recognized with awards for their work. Their common goal is to grow together while utilising their combined technical expertise and inventiveness. Together, we provide top-notch services to clients throughout the world, welcoming talent from Asia and India to work with us on exciting new projects. Their combined efforts will bring technological and creative know-how, providing film, TV, and gaming companies in India, Asia, and beyond with technology-driven visual content. Their goal is to raise industry standards and increase production efficiency through the use of global resource planning. Ajay Devgn

stated that every project they work on involves them setting new standards. They welcome an ongoing process of education, development, and technology adaptation. It gives him great pleasure to expand their family in New York with the Goodbye Kansas partnership. They continue to be driven by their core values and dedication to provide exceptional service with an unwavering passion. They are proud to be associated with GBK, a partner with similar values, and they are looking forward to their journey together. stated NY VFXWAALA's founder and chairman. To expand their business, Goodbye Kansas is planning to increase their capacity and sales efforts in their existing areas of expertise (VFX, animation, game trailers, and in-game content). They'll target new markets, especially in Asia, to capitalize on the outsourcing trend. They'll also work together with their partner to share resources and talent globally. This collaboration will allow them to offer a wider range of services worldwide and leverage their advanced technology (like scanning and motion capture) in new markets. They'll even establish a joint research and development team to create innovative tools for the future.

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