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AMANTHRAN 2024 of GNIHM Establishes New Benchmarks for Innovations in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The premier JIS Educational Initiatives institution, Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management (GNIHM), hosted AMANTHRAN 2024, an international conference with a theme of advancements in management, tourism, hospitality, and research analytics. The event was held on June 20, 2024, at the GNIHM Campus. Distinguished guests attended, including Dr. Ashish Dahiya, Associate Dean at the Centre of International Academic Affairs, M.D. University Rohtak, Haryana, India; Dr. Ahmad Rasmi, Associate Professor at Management and Science University, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia; and Dr. Rasheedul Haque, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Business, Hospitality, Accounting and Finance, Mahsa University, Malaysia. Speaking on the occasion Sardar Simarpreet Singh, Director of JIS Group, stated that Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management is dedicated to setting the standard for environmentally friendly travel and lodging. Their emphasis on innovation, research, and sustainable practices that benefit business, the environment, and society at large was highlighted by AMANTHRAN 2024. They can't wait to witness the significant partnerships that will mould their sector's future. AMANTHRAN 2024, an international conference on tourism and hospitality, brought together industry leaders, academics, and innovators to exchange ideas and promote sustainable practices in the field. The conference featured presentations by renowned experts on current issues and future trends, along with opportunities for collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing. With a focus on innovation and regeneration, AMANTHRAN 2024 aimed to contribute to a more sustainable and resilient tourism and hospitality industry.

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