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Amway India Celebrated International Day of Yoga

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Amway India, a prominent health and wellness enterprise, is commemorating the International Day of Yoga by highlighting the criticality of holistic health via the smooth combination of yoga practice and diet, with a committed effort to create better lives. This programme will include mindful eating and yoga in the morning routine to set a positive tone for the rest of the day and encourage physical and mental well-being. Amway India coordinated numerous in-person and online yoga sessions as well as expert speaker events as part of this endeavour, which reached out to about 4000 fitness enthusiasts nationwide. Numerous captivating events, both virtual and actual, have taken place in the eastern region. In order to foster stronger interpersonal relationships, these gatherings feature educational seminars and engaging yoga classes. These gatherings also sought to raise awareness of the advantages of yoga and the significance of eating a healthy breakfast. Participants savoured a wholesome Nutrilite protein shake or smoothie following each class, highlighting the significance of a well-balanced morning meal to enhance the health benefits of yoga practice. Dr. Suchitra Mukherjee arranged a unique workshop on the advantages of yoga for mental health with the goal of increasing awareness about mental health. To draw in and inspire participants, other fitness challenges and virtual Sapta Yoga are also arranged.  Amway India Senior Vice President, East & West Chandra Chakraborty stated that as part of their commitment to promoting overall health and well-being, Amway promotes exercise, positivity, rest, and healthy eating. They also encourage a disciplined approach to physical activity, such as yoga and the first meal of the day, where nutritional deficiencies can be addressed with the help of nutritional supplements as needed. The aim of changing their lives by establishing healthy habits, living longer, and creating a healthier future can be integrated with all of this.

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