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An Amazing Talent Showcase Ends the Dabur Gulabari IGLAM Bengal Event

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Recently in Kolkata, the eagerly awaited Dabur Gulabari IGLAM Miss & Mrs Gulab-Pari Bengal, 9th IGLAM Mr Bengal, and 6th IGLAM Junior Bengal event came to a successful conclusion. The occasion, which brought together Bengali aspirants, was a magnificent exhibition of beauty and talent. Talent shows, fashion shows, and interviews were among the competitions that participants competed in to show off their abilities and self-assurance. The crowning ceremony, where winners were honoured for their grace, talent, and dedication, was the high point of the evening. The performances enthralled the audience, and the judges faced the difficult task of choosing the winners from among a group of exceptionally gifted people. The media and distinguished guests attended the event with great enthusiasm. Renowned actress and painter Moubani Sorcar, as well as IGLAM founder and director Devjani Mitra, graced the occasion. Devjani Mitra shared the vision behind the event, highlighting the opportunities it creates for participants to shine in the fashion and entertainment industry. She remarked that IGLAM is committed to identifying and developing talent. This event demonstrates their dedication to giving rising stars a stage on which to display their skills and realise their aspirations.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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