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Axis Bank's ARISE ComeAsYouAre Programme Welcomes LGBTQIA+ Professionals to a New Chapter in the History of Banking

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Axis Bank announced the opening of its "ARISE ComeAsYouAre Programme," a dynamic new talent acquisition initiative for the LGBTQIA+ community, in keeping with its "DilSeOpen" philosophy. Axis Bank has implemented various measures in its pursuit of valuing diversity, equity, and inclusivity. The Bank launched its "ComeAsYouAre" initiative in 2021, which is a set of guidelines for dealing with LGBTQIA+ staff members and consumers. It invited partners of the same sex to open joint savings accounts and/or term deposits, designate one another as nominees, and allow customers of different genders to add the honorific Mx. Axis Bank and Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. (Tata AIG) partnered in 2022 to provide Group Medicare products to Axis Bank's LGBTQIA+ customer base. "ARISE ComeAsYouAre" is an open campus initiative that emphasises skills-based hiring, giving weight to an individual's potential and skill set over more conventional considerations like a degree or college affiliation. It is more crucial than ever to look for applicants with the appropriate skill sets, regardless of their educational background, as the employment markets change. The goal of this recruitment programme is to encourage talented LGBTQIA+ people to apply from any Indian college and pursue a career in banking with Axis Bank. Speaking on this initiative, Rajkamal Vempati, President & Head (she/her) Human Resources, Axis Bank, stated that at Axis Bank, they have prioritised diversity, equity, and inclusion, acknowledging and respecting the significance of unique life experiences and diverse identities that transcend gender stereotypes. Both the visible and invisible markers are important in this context. They think it stimulates an innovative culture and makes use of the various talent pools that are present in a wealthy population. Their internal work is concentrated on developing fair procedures, goods, and regulations that enable to create opportunities for everyone to prosper. As part of this endeavour, they are pleased to extend an invitation to skilled members of the LGBTQIA+ Community to submit applications via their special programme, "ARISE ComeAsYouAre," where they give skills precedence over backgrounds to create a more diverse talent pool.

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