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BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North Held their Premier Member's Day Awards Night, Name Fame Glory 2024, to Celebrate their Growth Story

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With more than 11 years of proud history, BNI® Kolkata CBD (A) & North is overseen by Executive Directors Rahul Agarwal, Rahul Mohata, and Bimal Samal. In the past year, the region, which has over 2021+ members spread across 33 chapters, has closed over ₹2195+ crores (TYFCB) in business and passed 1,31,983 business referrals. Notably, in both 2017 and 2019, BNI® Kolkata CBD (A) was named the world's top region. This organization's "Givers Gain®" tenet is that you will receive business from others if you extend a hand in business. This rests on the well-worn proverb, "What goes around, comes around." The Premier Member's Day - Awards Night - NFG 2024 is a distinguished evening honouring BNI® Kolkata CBD(A) & North's outstanding accomplishments. It will take place at ITC Royal Bengal on June 15, 2024. This event will pay tribute to the brilliance and commitment that have driven the area to ever-higher levels, encouraging remarkable business expansion and cooperation, and substantially enhancing Kolkata's standing as a business-friendly city on the international business map. Building on the amazing success of BNI Kolkata CBD(A) & North, the area opened its 33rd chapter of BNI TRENDZ in front of BNI India President Hemu Suvarna, Executive Directors Bimal Samal, Rahul Mohata, and Rahul Agarwal, as well as BNI Chairman & CEO Graham Weihmiller. Especially in Kolkata for the Occasion, BNI Chairman & CEO Graham Weihmiller shared that he believes Kolkata has a promising future as a business hub and that BNI, a business networking organization, can play a role in that growth. BNI offers members not just business development opportunities but also learning and networking to help them achieve long-term success and happiness. The Kolkata chapter is particularly enthusiastic about helping members reach their goals, and the city itself has a wealth of talent, passion, and history to fuel its entrepreneurial spirit.

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