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DCVISION VR's Dhriti Chatterjee Dazzled at CMOs' Charcha Kolkata

News Desk, News Nation 360 : ADGULLY arranged the CMOs' Charcha, a vibrant and thought-provoking event that brought together marketing executives and startup enthusiasts in the vibrant city of Kolkata. Some of the most brilliant minds in the business came together for a lively panel discussion on "Powering Start-Up Ecosystem - The East Side Story" during the event. Dhriti's involvement demonstrated her creative thinking and commitment to making DCVISION VR a leading name in the virtual reality industry. Her observations highlighted the particular opportunities and difficulties in the industry, offering priceless lessons to both seasoned marketers and aspiring business owners. The audience was enthralled by Dhriti Chatterjee, Founder & Director of DCVISION VR, as she offered perceptive insights on introducing

and advertising luxury goods in the cutthroat marketplace. Other prominent industry figures like Ramasish Bhowmik of OvenlyBaked, Saurav Kothari of Kisah Apparels Private Limited, Interactive Avenues' Debarshi Chakravorti, and TWIRL.STORE's Sujata Chatterjee was also on the panel. The diverse viewpoints of the panellists contributed to an insightful and captivating conversation about the startup ecosystem in Eastern India. Dhriti emphasised the importance of brand awareness in any sector and stated that she knew from the beginning that the product she was introducing might be seen as a luxury item. Therefore, educating people about the value of the product was the main challenge.

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