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Epsilon Group Partners with Motovolt to Support Sustainable Mobility for its Employees

News Desk, News Nation 360 : To provide sustainable mobility options to Epsilon Group employees in Vijayanagar, Bellary, Karnataka, the company has partnered with Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd, a leading e-mobility brand. Epsilon Group is a leading global manufacturer of carbon-based products and advanced battery materials. Motovolt's electric bikes will be provided at a discounted rate to Epsilon's more than 600 workers and their families, including senior executives and employees in the company's Vijayanagar township. By encouraging employees to commute locally and use sustainable modes of transportation, this initiative seeks to lower emissions associated with traditional forms of transportation. Pratish Koparkar, CHRO of Epsilon Group stated that their partnership with Motovolt Mobility is a big step in the direction of providing their workers with sustainable mobility. At Epsilon Group, sustainability is a top priority. They are dedicated to helping the Indian government reach its goal of Net Zero emissions by 2070 by supporting programmes such as these and many more. They emphasise the significance of a low-carbon ecosystem as leaders in the chemical industry, and this collaboration shows their commitment to ethical business practices and their proactive approach to sustainability. Through this collaboration, Epsilon Group hopes to improve the community's standard of living and contribute to a greener environment by offsetting about 945 metric tonnes of carbon emissions over the next five years. To reduce overall fuel consumption, Motovolt & Epsilon is encouraging its employees to purchase e-bikes for use on local commutes and to get to work.

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