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Every Airtel Employee in Kolkata Joined the Frontline Team for Perceptive Customer Interaction to Commemorate Customer Day

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), one of the top telecom service providers in India, observed Customer Day at each of its locations. Every Airtel employee, even those who do not regularly deal with customers, joins their front-line colleagues in speaking with customers. One of Airtel's many initiatives, Customer Day is centred around the company's core value of customer centricity. By forcing employees to interact directly with customers, Airtel hopes to foster a deeper understanding between all parties involved and gain insight into the customer's perspective, pulse, and ideas in particular. The company is optimistic that Customer Day will introduce a new culture and mindset of customer-centricity throughout the organisation and offer fresh perspectives to the many employees in a variety of roles. Every employee at an Airtel office across the nation collaborates with Market Retail employees, Fibre Executives, and Home Delivery Engineers. These workers include junior managers from various offices and members of the highest senior leadership team.



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