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Ghorey Baire Lokkhi Talk Show was Hosted by Techno India Group to Honour Women from Varied Backgrounds

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Ghorey Baire Lokkhi, a talk show featuring notable women from different aspects of the city's life, was hosted by Techno India Group. The celebration was held in honour of International Women's Day at the Techno Main Salt Lake location. These remarkable women had a forum to express their opinions, life lessons, and insights on a variety of topics, from activism and social welfare to entertainment. Thanks to the talk show. Their combined accomplishments and wisdom act as an inspiration to women all around the country. In addition to honouring women's accomplishments, the occasion emphasised the significance of gender equality and women's empowerment in the modern world. Ghorey Baire Lokkhi highlighted the

value of group action in advancing the rights and opportunities of women worldwide by uniting women from various backgrounds. The session featured notable speakers such as Sudeshna Roy, an actor and director who serves as an honourable advisor to the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights, Sujata Gui, the chief human resources officer and senior vice president of the Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotel, and Chaitali Das, the founder of the Rakshak Foundation. The session was moderated by Prof. Manoshi Roychowdhury, co-chairperson of Techno India Group. Prof ManoshiRoychowdhury, Co-Chairperson of Techno India Group stated that they at Techno India Group are dedicated to advancing gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Ghorey Baire

Lokkhi is a perfect example of their endeavour to honour the accomplishments and contributions of women from a variety of backgrounds. They consider how they can make the world a more accepting and encouraging place for women everywhere. Everyone should keep pushing for gender parity and giving women the tools they need to succeed in all facets of life. Everyone should support setting up venues where their voices can be heard, their experiences can be told, and the influence they have had can be acknowledged.

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