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Grace, Talent, and Poise Converge in Dabur Gulabari's 9th Edition of IGlam

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Recently, IGlam celebrated its 9th edition pageant with pride in Kolkata. The event this year was a spectacular spectacle full of glitz and glamour, entitled Dabur Gulabari Presents 9th IGlam Miss & Mrs. Gulab-Pari Bengal 2024, IGlam Mr. & Junior Bengal 2024. The presence of Baishali Dalmia and the well-known Moubani Sorcar added even more light to the evening. Also, contestants from all over India competed in the esteemed IGlam Miss & Mrs. India 2024 event. The much-awaited winners in every category were revealed at the end of the evening; each one demonstrated elegance, skill, and poise. A huge part of the event's success was contributed by the committed IGlam team members, which included Kamini Kumari, Saba Khan, Avinash Kumar, Chandu Kumar, Chintu Kumar, Neha Chopra, Bobby Agarwal, Parul Sehgal Gulati, Raushan Obrey, Rupa Singh, Satyajit Haldar, and Raushan Kumar. Ankit Sharma, Tapesh Kumar, Sagar Jha, Jiit Chakraborty, Subhadip Mitra, Jeet Jagjeet, Pamita Sadhukhan, Karuna Chandirani, Dr. Renu Kumari, Preet Walia, Preeti Jagwani, Aryman Raj, Padmanava Banerjee, Aaheli Das, Kahini Bhattacharjee, Putul Dhar, Siddharth Sehal, Mohua Roy Das, and Kangna Tripathi were among the exceptional jury panel that painstakingly selected the winners of the 9th IGlam edition and IGlam Miss & Mrs. India 2024. Devjani Mitra, the visionary founder and director of IGlam, articulated the essence of the event and stated that talent knows no bounds. The goal of IGlam is to develop 10 million talents worldwide. IGlam's goal is to develop soft skills, which are critical for both professional and personal development, in addition to promoting talent internationally.

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