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Greening Kolkata: Honouring Environment Day with Sustainable Projects and Visionary Leadership

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Kolkata Chapter is pleased to present its revolutionary vision for guiding the city towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly future as people around the world unite to commemorate World Environment Day. These initiatives, spearheaded by Sushil Mohta, the chapter chair, are a testament to Kolkata's steadfast dedication to sustainable development and environmental preservation. The Indian Green Building (IGBC) is on a mission to make buildings more environmentally friendly through its Green India 2050 campaign. This initiative aims to expand green areas in cities by 50%, improve water efficiency to combat drought and incorporate natural habitat preservation into urban development plans. They believe green buildings can significantly reduce the effects of desertification and drought. The IGBC's 32 rating systems encourage the use of natural habitats, and water-saving practices, and prioritize environmental considerations throughout construction and renovation projects. Led by Sushil Mohta, the Kolkata Chapter of the IGBC has a goal of ranking in the top 3 regions for green building adoption and is committed to achieving this through strategic initiatives. Mohta emphasizes that these efforts align with India's national goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2070. By focusing on the "Three Ps" - Planet, People, and Profit - the IGBC aims to lessen the impact of climate change while also promoting economic growth and social well-being. Ultimately, the IGBC Kolkata Chapter, under Mohta's leadership, is dedicated to making Kolkata and India a greener and more sustainable place through the widespread adoption of green building practices.

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