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GROW with SAP to Use Cloud-based Technology to Revolutionise Mid-sized Organisations

News Desk, News Nation 360 : SAP and its partner SGN Software Pvt Ltd unveiled their flagship Cloud ERP offering, which is intended for small and mid-sized organisations that can take advantage of industry best practices. Business leaders from the top 50 companies in all industries attended the "GROW with SAP" Innovation Day event, which was held here in the city. Nitish Agrawal- VP & Chief Partner Officer of SAP Indian Sub-Continent stated that for almost three decades, SAP has been India Inc.'s digital partner and has played a crucial role in the country's development. They have been enabling thousands of Indian small and large businesses to achieve their growth goals by providing a robust and scalable IT infrastructure driven by state-of-the-art innovation. SAP is proud to have been a major force behind several West Bengali organisations' digital transformations, and they hope to maintain this momentum with the support of a strong

partner ecosystem. IDC reports that businesses with more advanced use of contemporary tools and technology beat their competitors in terms of revenue and profits. Grow with SAP is a special cloud-based ERP solution that comes with built-in industry best practices and a smooth fit to standards. With a 99.7% guaranteed run time and an intuitive, personalised, intelligent, and collaborative user experience, GROW with SAP enables businesses to simplify daily tasks while maintaining a laser-like focus on their top and bottom lines. Furthermore, with SAP powering the top 97 out of 100 global education institutions worldwide, SAP has led the way for universities in the modern era. The day also featured a section titled "Higher Education Vertica," where leaders from the top 30 educational institutions will discuss the newest SAP cloud-based solutions created specifically for this sector. These solutions will, among other things, help digitalize every aspect of a professionally run higher education institution, rebuild financial resilience, retrain the workforce on campus, automate manual processes to free up capital for the core business, and enable data-driven management.

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