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HMD Debuts First HMD Feature Phones in India with the HMD 105 & HMD 110

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With the release of the HMD 105 and HMD 110 phones, HMD has demonstrated its ongoing dedication to accessibility and human ingenuity. These svelte, dependable phones are loaded with features that improve users' experiences. Advanced multimedia features, voice assistance, and large displays with immersive clarity and enhanced visibility are all included with the HMD 105 and HMD 110. In honour of Bharosa Wahi and Shuruat Nayi, the phones also include a guaranteed one-year replacement guarantee. The built-in UPI application, which combines the convenience of UPI with the dependable HMD, is a noteworthy feature of these phones. This eliminates the need for internet access and enables users to complete safe and easy UPI transactions. HMD launched two new feature phones, HMD 105 and HMD 110, with a modern design that's comfortable to hold and easy to carry around. Both phones come with a bunch of features like call recording, MP3 player, FM radio, and a powerful battery that lasts up to 18 days on standby. HMD 105 has a dual LED flash, while HMD 110 has a better camera design. They also support multiple languages for input and display. HMD 105 comes in black, purple and blue, while HMD 110 comes in black and green. These phones are available in India starting today at retail stores, online stores and Ravi Kunwar, VP-India & APAC, HMD Global, commented on the launch that within their feature phone category, the feature-rich HMD 105 and HMD 110 seek to improve financial access and close the digital gap for everyone. As they proceed with their multi-brand journey, these phones represent their 'more for less' philosophy.

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