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Ke Prothom Kache Esechi is Coming Soon on Zee Bangla

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Zee Bangla, the leading source of Bengali entertainment, is about to premiere Ke Prothom Kache Esechi, a mega-series helmed by Lakshman Ghosh. With its poignant story and endearing cast of characters, this endearing love story between Wrickdev, a successful businessman with a broken heart, and Madhubani, a dedicated single mother, is sure to captivate audiences. Bangla Talkies, the company behind Mon Dite Chai, is producing the show. The audience will be left speechless by the three actors' exquisite performance, which gives the characters life. The show's magic is enhanced by the title song by Indraadip Dasgupta, the background score by Sobuj and Asis, and the editors Ayan and Subhadeep. The story "Ke Prothom Kache Esechi" speaks to the realities faced by many single parents in society. Zee Bangla is pleased to offer this moving story, which blends societal themes, love, and resiliency to provide viewers with an incredibly enriching viewing experience. "Ke Prothom Kache Esechi" tells a story of resiliency and love. Sayan Bose, who portrays Wrickdev, a well-known and successful businessman from Dubai, is depicted as disillusioned with love following a traumatic breakup. In contrast, Radhika Karmakar's character Madhubani, played by Mohona Maiti, is a single mother who resides in Kolkata with her daughter Mihika. Her life is all about raising her child in the face of social obstacles. Wrickdev chooses to pay a visit to Madhubani's workplace while looking into fraud at one of his branch offices in Kolkata. Shrouded in secrecy, he presents himself as the boss's deputy. Even though Wrikdev is determined not to fall in love, he can't help but be drawn to Madhubani. It's challenging to persuade her of his true feelings, though. The narrative also highlights the difficulties faced by single mothers in the culture, who frequently come under unfair criticism and harsh scrutiny. The show emphasises single mothers' emotional and social struggles, highlighting their grace and strength through Madhubani's journey. The story delves into the intricacies of discovering love while being a single parent, providing viewers with an incredibly enriching visual experience.

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