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Kolkata's Acropolis Mall Established the Magical "Ocean World," an Aquatic Theme Park

News Desk, News Nation 360: The winter season is ideal for family outings, picnics, fun, and games with the scent of freshly baked cakes filling the air. It has a slight chill in the air, sun-kissed mornings, and pleasant weather. The largest mall in India, Acropolis Mall, debuted "OCEAN WORLD," a spectacular aquatic theme park, in the city of joy in December and will keep visitors enthralled through January. This time, Acropolis Mall welcomed kids from Dhapa's impoverished neighbourhood to witness the wonders of Ocean World and learn about aquatic life. The event was organised in cooperation with DRCSC, a nonprofit organisation that works to educate children in the Dhapa area, and TdH Suisse, a Swiss organisation dedicated to children's rights. The kids were invited to take part in a painting competition, which made the visit both educational and enjoyable. The Ocean world and its aquatic life forms served as the theme. Actress Sonalee Chaudhuri gave the kids prizes at a formal event while K Vijayan, General Manager of Acropolis Mall, was present. Theme park OCEAN WORLD replicates various marine habitats and environments from across the world. A magnificent ship inspired by the swashbuckling film series "Pirates of the Caribbean" is on display at Ocean World in Acropolis. A variety of aquatic animals, such as dolphins, sharks, octopuses, sea lions, stingrays, and hammerhead sharks, are visible to visitors. Children can get a great introduction to deep sea life at the theme park. Ocean World is a fun way for kids of all ages to learn about the ocean's ecosystem and discover the variety of marine life forms that exist beneath the surface of the deep sea, according to K Vijayan, General Manager of Acropolis Mall. This is the first aquatic theme park that the city has ever seen. During the holiday season, they anticipate that visitors will come to the park to teach their kids about the marine ecosystem while also enjoying a wide variety of gaming options and mouthwatering cuisine. Every week, they will be hosting imaginative workshops for kids with an ocean theme that will further educate, engage, and keep them away from the internet.

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