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Malabodol is Coming Soon on Zee Bangla

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Premier Bengali entertainment channel Zed Bangla is pleased to announce the premiere of its brand-new mega show, "Malabodol," which stars Ritu Pyne and the gifted Biswajit Ghosh in the key parts. Launching on July 8, 2024, "Malabodol," a Crazy Ideas production, will give viewers a fresh and engaging look at dating and love. Samrat Ghosh, Chief Cluster Officer - East, North, and Premium Cluster, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd stated that they are excited to introduce "Malabodol," a programme that perfectly captures their commitment to providing their audience with engaging, new stories. This show fills a void in the Bengali General Entertainment Channel's current programming by providing an original and captivating viewpoint on dating and matchmaking. They are sure that the vivid characters and complex story will captivate viewers as they work to deliver a truly remarkable cinematic experience. Ritu Pyne's character Ditipriya Ghatak, also called

Diti, is the protagonist of "Malabodol." Matchmaking is a deeply personal passion for Diti, who inherited the skill from her renowned matchmaker father. She is a lively and passionate matchmaker. Accepting her role as the adored "Ghatok Didi," Diti's life drastically changes when she is forced to wed Biswajit Ghosh's character, divorce attorney Kavya Mullick. Kavya's doubts about relationships contrast sharply with Diti's unshakable faith in love, which causes her path to become more complicated when she enters an unexpected and loveless marriage. Can Diti make her way through these mazes and find her true love? Watch 'Malabodol', directed by Swarnendu Samaddar, as it tells the story through intense performances. Zed Bangla will air the show exclusively Monday to Friday at 10:15 p.m. beginning on July 8, 2024.

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