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Motovolt Unveiled a Bold New Brand Identity And Logo

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Leading innovator in the electric vehicle sector, Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd, has created a striking new logo and brand identity. The company's journey has reached a turning point with this rebranding, which highlights its dedication to innovation, ownership, and trust. The tech tiger is featured in the innovative plectrum design, which is available in orange and blue, the new brand colour. Motovolt has put in place a thorough plan to guarantee a seamless rollout of the new logo across all digital and physical assets as well as brand collateral. The unboxed typeface allows for increased visibility and impact for the brand and represents a new level of openness. Motovolt's competitiveness and market positioning are expected to improve with the rebranding. Encouraging customers to 'own' the transition to electric mobility and fostering a sense of ownership among internal audiences and stakeholders, the new baseline, 'Own it,' embodies the brand's philosophy. The values that define the brand are Future-Proof, Aspirational, People-First, Responsible, and Authentic. Motovolt is a vibrant, energetic, dedicated, and supportive group that personifies mutual care and guiding principles. The brand's core philosophy is embodied by the new colours, which reflect these values. Tushar Chaudhury, Founder & CEO of Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd. stated that for Motovolt, this is a transformative day. Their new brand identity and logo represent more than just aesthetic updates—they also represent their unwavering commitment to innovation, accountability, and trust. They are honoured to live up to the motto "Own it" as they lead the e-mobility revolution and improve the lives of their clients and the environment.

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