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Nissan Introduced the Most Affordable and High-end Model Magnite GEZA CVT Special Edition Under INR 10 lakh

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Nissan Motor India unveiled the Nissan Magnite GEZA CVT Special Edition, a large, bold and exquisite SUV, at a starting price of INR 9.84 lakh, building on the tremendous success of the 2023 Magnite GEZA Special Edition. The Nissan Magnite GEZA CVT Special Edition was introduced on the first anniversary of the GEZA Special Edition, motivated by the tremendous response from the 2023 GEZA Special Edition and combined with a wealth of customer feedback. The Magnite GEZA CVT Special Edition will provide a variety of infotainment options for the first time since its launch last year, increasing its consumer appeal. In the B-SUV class, this is Nissan's most affordable, high-end CVT Turbo, providing the best value. The Nissan Magnite CVT offers a special GEZA Edition with the most advanced infotainment system among its variants. This includes a high-resolution 22.86cm touchscreen, Android CarPlay with wireless connectivity for seamless smartphone integration, and a premium JBL speaker system for an immersive audio experience. A rear camera with a trajectory line is included to aid in parking manoeuvres, while ambient lighting with Nissan app-based controls allows you to personalize the cabin atmosphere. Premium beige-coloured seat upholstery is available as an option, and a unique GEZA Edition badge completes the package. Overall, the Nissan Magnite CVT GEZA Edition provides a feature-rich and stylish driving experience. Saurabh Vatsa, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd. (NMIPL), stated that after the GEZA Special Edition's incredible success last year, they are thrilled to present the newest iteration of the Magnite. Based on feedback from customers, they have determined that there is a large market opportunity to provide premium features at a reasonable cost. With features that no other product on the market offers, the Magnite GEZA CVT Special Edition is the only CVT Turbo that is offered at such a low cost. It highlights their dedication to providing top-notch technology, luxurious features, and cutting-edge infotainment options at a reasonable cost.

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