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Not Love, Not Peace, Not a Dream Contemporary Pieces by Arindam Chatterjee

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Renowned painter Arindam Chatterjee, who is based in Kolkata, is well-known for his extremely experimental and critical paintings that capture our precarious existence in an era of senseless violence, anomie, arbitrary power rule, and repression. His vast body of paintings, the majority of which have never been displayed before, are on display from 2017 to 2023. The title of the show is derived from the well-known poem "Bodh" by Jibananda Das. Chatterjee is a passionate reader, and his reading of modernist Bengali poets and writers like Utpal Kumar Basu, Jibanananda Das, Binoy Majumdar, and Dostoveksky has greatly influenced his aesthetic philosophy. The title alludes to the ambiguity and ongoing change in meaning that characterise his work. Renowned artist Arindam Chatterjee, a Kolkata and Santiniketan art graduate, initially gained acclaim as an abstract artist but shifted towards figurative art around 2007. His paintings exhibit a distinctive style, blending elements of expressive abstraction with potent realism. Positioned within contemporary art discourse, Chatterjee aligns with a group of

critical-poetic artists, writers, and poets aiming to unveil the harsh realities of civilization, portraying its transformation into barbarism. His primarily paper-based work features unconventional, non-functional medium usage and material experimentation, delving into themes of bare life and Schimittan's concepts of emergency and the state of exception. Chatterjee's art encapsulates a highly experimental yet recognizable approach, providing a unique perspective on the complexities and contradictions inherent in contemporary civilization. Emami Art CEO Richa Agarwal stated that one of their best artists, Arindam Chatterjee, prefers to work in the background. They are honoured to present Arindam Chatterjee's first and largest solo exhibition at Emami Art. They have been showcasing his works for a considerable amount of time. Through his distinct style, figuration, and choice of medium, he connects violence and human pathos to the essence of social, political, and even ethical life and existence, instead of portraying them overtly literally. His paintings have a lasting impression on them that does not fade with time. 

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu


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