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Oriflame Marked New Era with First Female Head in India

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Leading Swedish wellness company Oriflame, which is renowned for its dedication to Safe, Performing, and Responsible products, ushers in a new era under the direction of Edyta Kurek, the company's first female head in India. In addition to addressing social issues like income inequality and unemployment, it gives brand partners the tools and training they need to succeed and helps many people achieve financial independence. The company's goal is to empower the next generation to achieve financial freedom and well-being. Oriflame recently launched a strategic initiative aimed at India's dynamic youth while celebrating the successes of its current brand partners at a two-day seminar held at the Jio Centre in Mumbai. More than 1200 brand partners from various backgrounds came together to share their experiences, demonstrating the effectiveness of Oriflame's ground-breaking social selling strategy. Oriflame's fundamental values have been sustainability and ethical behaviour since its founding. Now that consumers understand the value of leading a sustainable and responsible life. The company complies with these ideals by providing various cutting-edge wellness solutions that are considerate of both the environment and the customers. The Love Nature Shampoo for Dry Hair with Organic Wheat & Coconut, which is packaged in a 100% recycled plastic bottle made with local resin, has won the IFCA Star Award in 2023 for "Innovation in Sustainability." Since 2021, Oriflame has been named one of Europe's Climate Leaders by Statista and the Financial Times four times in a row. Their operations are infused with this dedication to sustainability. 2018 saw the global adoption of 100% renewable energy for all Oriflame-operated sites. The sustainability assessment of 96% of their direct external spending suppliers is valid through Eco-Vadis. At Oriflame, women are a driving force, as evidenced by their leadership and a product line that includes over 130 items with vegan certification. Maintaining constant product quality requires constant investment in R&D as well as adherence to tight European safety regulations. Oriflame adheres to a philosophy of uniform product quality globally for all customers, placing a high priority on product quality. Ninety-five per cent of rinse-off products that are released in 2023 are biodegradable, with Duologi being the first haircare line to achieve this goal. Eleven globally recognised products, including Tender Care, Milk & Honey, and GG Pearls, have been created as a result of this commitment; they are all praised for their creativity and efficacy.

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