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OtoBix's Grand Launch is Revolutionising the Pre-Owned Car Market

News Desk, News Nation 360 : OtoBix, a cutting-edge pre-owned car auction platform powered by Autotech, is excited to announce its official launch in Kolkata. OtoBix, founded and run by Amit Parekh, uses cutting-edge technology to bring transparency, efficiency, and fairness to the pre-owned car market. OtoBix's primary USPs are its scientifically based method of determining an automobile's fair market value, its transparent auction platform that unites buyers and sellers, its zero margin, transaction fee-based business model, and its thorough and methodical car inspections. In the past, aggregators and dealers have operated in the pre-owned car market with a value markup of 10% to 15%, which has resulted in inflated prices for buyers and undervalued returns for sellers. By cutting the markup to less than 5%, OtoBix is poised to upend this standard and guarantee that both buyers and sellers receive fair market value. Additionally, OtoBix acts as a marketplace where used car dealers can effectively offload their mismatched inventory. Within the next six months, OtoBix intends to expand to additional tier 2 and tier 3 cities after starting operations in West Bengal and Orissa. Amit Parekh, Founder & CEO of OtoBix stated that OtoBix is here to improve the used car market's fairness and transparency. Their platform gives sellers more power by letting them watch legitimate bids being placed and take part in the auction process. Their dedication lies in utilising technology to eradicate the inefficiencies that have afflicted this industry for an excessive amount of time.

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