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SBI General Unveiled A Revolutionary Step in Customer Experience Bima Central

News Desk, News Natiom 360 : One of the top general insurance companies in India, SBI General Insurance Company Limited, has partnered with CAMS Insurance Repository to launch Bima Central, the first platform for policyholder servicing that is available to the entire industry. Through the use of an electronic Insurance Account (eIA) and the convenient BIMA Central digital platform, customers can conveniently manage their insurance portfolio. To enable policyholders with an electronic Insurance Account (eIA) to manage their insurance portfolio centrally, SBI General Insurance teamed up with Bima Central to launch a platform. This implies that SBI General Insurance policyholders have access to all of their insurance data on the SBI General Insurance mobile app or the Bima Central platform, including investments and protection plans. Policyholders can also manage nominees and beneficiaries through the platform. Future updates are anticipated to bring additional functionality. Policyholders of SBI General Insurance who have an eIA through CAMS Rep Bima Central will be able to access their insurance portfolio directly through the SBI General Insurance Mobile App for the first time in the industry. They also have access to these services via the Bima Central app. Kishore Poludasu, MD & CEO of SBI General Insurance stated that with the launch of Bima Central, a unique platform that offers seamless management of the entire insurance portfolio on the SBI General Insurance Mobile App, they are thrilled to introduce a game-changing innovation in the industry. This innovative project demonstrates their unwavering dedication to using cutting-edge technologies to improve customer comfort and convenience. Additionally, it establishes SBI General as a pioneer in utilising cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovation that leads the industry. They are enhancing policyholder experience and facilitating better access to customer data by utilising platforms such as Bima Central. This development demonstrates our commitment to providing their clients with unrivalled service and value, making sure their insurance needs are met efficiently and effectively.



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