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Spell-A-Thon Olympiads and Gradesup.In Hosted EngageXperts PRINCIPALly yours!

News Desk, News Nation 360 : "EngageXperts PRINCIPALly yours!"—an educational panel discussion devoted to promoting academic excellence and cutting-edge teaching practices—was hosted by and Spell-a-Thon Olympiads ( This historic gathering of educational leaders from Kolkata and surrounding districts was unprecedented. Over 110 Heads of School took part in all, which allowed for a rich exchange of perspectives and experiences. Distinguished speakers from a variety of backgrounds and with a wealth of experience in the field of education graced the session, offering all in attendance priceless insights and knowledge. With serving as the practice partner, the goal of this session was to connect with students via the SPELL-A-THON OLYMPIADS ENGLISH VOCABULARY COMPETITIONS. The goal was to create a productive, interesting, and pleasurable learning environment by fusing technology and English education. In an attempt to have a beneficial influence on English language learners as quickly as possible, they sought quicker and more efficient outreach to parents and students through schools. A competitive English vocabulary and language-based objective competition was another session goal. The questions were created to encourage children in Kindergarten through Class XII to develop their critical thinking and language skills. A session on educational strategies for the future was held. Anjana Mallick delivered the welcome address, Janaki Venkatramani, founder of Spell-a-Thon Olympiads, presented her vision for the future of education, and Harish Krishnan, founder of, spoke about the intersection of technology and education. Distinguished guests of honour including Dr Maria Fernandes, Prof Shabina N Omar, Imran Zaki, Prof Dr Hema Swaminathan, and Rajendra Singh shared their insights during the session. Esteemed educationists such as Dr Suman Kumar Mukherjee, Sanghamitra Mukherjee, Mittra Sinha Roy, Suman Sood, and Suchandra Bhattacharjee also shared their knowledge and experience. Janaki Venkatramani, Founder of Spell-a-Thon Olympiads stated that the lack of vocabulary in English in schools, particularly in those that use a vocabulary, is hurting students' chances of finding work. From an international standpoint, this is a crucial problem for India's economic development. People should have proficiency in regional languages because mother tongues cannot be overlooked. There are now 75 participating schools, up from 52 the previous year. The 11th Spell-a-Thon Olympiads Grand Finale and Single Round Open Competition 2024, which will take place on July 6, 2024, at Gokhale Memorial Girls' School in Kolkata, has already gathered 2,250 registered students.

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