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St. Joan's School Celebrated International Yoga Day

News Desk, News Nation 360 : On this International Yoga Day, St. Joan's School is happy to highlight the value of practising yoga for harmony and well-being. This year, the school has invited 110 young yogis to perform in honour of International Yoga Day. The following asanas will be demonstrated: Padmasan (Meditation pose), Matsyasan (Fish pose), Vajrasan (Diamond pose), Ustrasan (Camel Pose), Badhakonasan (Butterfly pose), Dhanurasan (Bow pose), Apanasan (Knee to Chest pose), Setu Bandhasan (Bridge Pose), Vrikshasan (Tree Pose), and Parvatasan (Seated

Mountain Pose). Every year, during the Annual Sports Day, students have the chance to demonstrate their increasing skill and commitment to yoga, which is a testament to their diligence and the beneficial effects of this discipline. Yoga is more than just a practice at St Joan's School; it's an integral part of the curriculum. Since the school opened its doors more than 15 years ago, yoga has been incorporated into the curriculum for students as young as 2. The school's long-standing dedication is a testament to its belief in promoting both physical and mental well-being.

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