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Take the Smartphone Game to the Next Level with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series is the newest flagship smartphone series that Samsung, the biggest electronics company in India, has announced will be available in India. Celebrity actress Sohini Sarkar attended the Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphone launch at Samsung Exclusive Cafe in Quest Mall, Kolkata, along with Sanjoy Tekriwal, Managing Director of Karuna Management Services Ltd., and Vishal Singal, Regional Manager, Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. East 1. There are countless opportunities available. The key's in the pocket, too. The Galaxy S24 Series with Al power is now available. At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung not only gave a preview of Galaxy Al, which promises next-generation performance from Galaxy devices, but they also

unveiled the Galaxy S24 series, which includes the powerful Galaxy S24 Ultra, the S24, and the S24 Plus. Using Galaxy AI, confused by slang or a phrase, watching a favourite YouTuber make Dashi stock with an ingredient, or even just watching the red carpet and wanting to learn how to do that hair updo? To Search, just pause and Circle. Not only is it known what it is, but it can also be purchased and used in other recipes. It shouldn't even be necessary to look away from a screen. There's no need to change apps to search and get results. Find the answers when and where needed. The world is the oyster, and time is valuable. One may have been making this gesture since they were young because it is so natural. An overview of a Google search powered by Al. Instead of receiving a list of links to read and absorb, picture asking, "Should I use store-bought dashi stock powder or make my own?" and receiving a response that provides a definitive answer. Imagine using the camera to capture the perfect dog and receiving Al-powered insights that tell

everything needed to know about the breed, including its exact characteristics, how much it sheds, whether it gets into fights, how much exercise it needs, and where one can ethically get this kind of dog. Features like Live Translate, Interpreter, Chat Assist, Note Assist, and Transcript Assist are included with the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. The Samsung Keyboard's AI feature translates messages in 13 languages, including Hindi, in real time. Additionally, Samsung has pledged to provide 7 generations of operating system updates and 7 years of security updates for smartphones. The 256GB model of the Galaxy S24 costs INR 79,999, while the 512GB model costs INR 89,999. The 256GB model of the Galaxy S24+ costs INR 99,999, while the 512GB model costs INR 109,999. The price of the Galaxy S24 Ultra ranges from INR 129,999 for the 256GB model to INR 159,999 for the 1TB model.

Pic - Krishnendu Kundu



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