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Techno India University Launches New Data Science & Business Analytics Programs with IBM

News Desk, News Nation 360 : Two cutting-edge undergraduate programmes have been introduced by Techno India University in West Bengal: the BBA (H) with a focus on business analytics and the BCA (H) with a focus on data science and artificial intelligence. In partnership with IBM, these four-year degree programmes will be launched and will start in the 2024 academic year. To ensure that graduates are prepared for the workforce and can prosper in the rapidly changing technological landscape, IBM and Techno India University have partnered to create a partnership that goes beyond the classroom. These courses, which are backed by IBM's vast industry experience, are intended to give students cutting-edge information and abilities in their fields. Meghdut Roy Chowdhury, Executive Director & Chief Innovation Officer at Techno India Group stated that they are thrilled to collaborate with IBM to provide their students with these innovative programmes, which will equip them with the abilities and information needed to succeed in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, and business analytics.

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