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The Allana Group Enhanced its Reputation for Pet Health Bowlers

News Desk, News Nation 360 : The pet health brand Bowlers® is further strengthened by Allana Group, an Indian conglomerate that has a 150-year legacy in the F&B industry and was a pioneer in food processing. The brand Bowlers®, which is well-known for its premium protein-rich dry dog food products, introduces Nutrimax Club, a line of ultra-premium dog food items. In addition, Bowlers® offers sweets and snacks. At the unveiling in Kolkata, more than sixty veterinarians and numerous pet food entrepreneurs from the city gathered to see and experience the variety of products firsthand. The occasion also brought attention to how important it is to have high-quality, reasonably priced pet solutions. On this occasion, Raghavendra Rao, CEO of Pet Foods, Allana Group stated that the Indian pet food market is booming, but there's a lack of affordable premium pet food options. To address this, Allana introduces Bowlers®, a new pet food brand offering high-quality nutrition at accessible prices for cats and dogs. This expansion caters to the rising demand for pet health and allows more pet owners to provide the best food for their companions. Bowlers® plans to include wet and dry food options, as well as tailored/prescription diets for both cats and dogs. Nutrimax is launching a new product line for dogs with something for every pet owner. Nutrimax Club is a super-premium food made with high-quality ingredients for top-notch nutrition and taste. For budget-minded pet parents, Nutrimax offers an economy range that still provides excellent nutrition at an affordable price. Finally, to round out the meal experience, Nutrimax is also launching a line of delicious and nutritious dog snacks and treats.

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