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The Debut of the STORII Devasoom Spa & Resort in Kolkata Marked the Brand's Entry into West Bengal

News Desk, News Nation 360 : With the opening of Storii Devasom Resort & Spa in Kolkata, West Bengal, Storii by ITC Hotels expands its brand presence throughout the country. This 3-acre resort is the ideal destination for a spa vacation or a restful staycation. Storii Kolkata offers a variety of options to ensure that each stay is unforgettable, whether one is travelling alone or celebrating with friends and family. Storii Kolkata is devoted to presenting aspects of the regional culture and has tasteful overhangs, covered walkways, and colourful gardens. It skillfully blends classic style with contemporary amenities to produce a happy atmosphere that invites visitors to relax. Storii Devasom Resort & Spa offers a variety of spacious rooms with beautiful views and modern amenities. The resort focuses on holistic wellness, integrating ancient Indian treatments, nature walks, calming therapies, and modern techniques into personalized spa journeys. The spa itself features water elements, customized plans, and dedicated spaces for yoga, meditation, swimming, fitness, and relaxation. Guests can enjoy all-day breakfast at their convenience,

regional cuisine, and local snacks and beverages. The resort also offers opportunities to explore the surrounding area with the Storii team, providing cultural experiences and nature walks. Evenings can be spent enjoying local teas and coffees. Finally, Storii Kolkata boasts charming banquet spaces for special occasions and events. Storii Kolkata offers individualised and revitalising experiences that soothe the mind and body. It is located in the South City Retreat District, just a short 20-minute drive from the Eastern Metropolitan (EM) Bypass. Speaking on the launch, Ravi Todi, Director of South City Group, stated that people should discover their opulent spa resort, exquisitely crafted with natural elements as inspiration. Enjoy luxurious amenities and revitalising therapies while being close to the city but still far from it. Savour fine dining in a calm setting. Storii Kolkata's ideal location provides the ideal getaway for rest and renewal. Another outstanding project by South City Group. Because of ITC Hotels' superior hospitality, they have selected them to manage the property.

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